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Let us help you keep your employee skills relevant to this rapidly changing world.  Are your deployable skills able to grow and advance your company? If not, you are in decline. We'd be happy to help you gain an understanding of serious mismatches so you have an edge on your competition.

praXec working with the University of California Berkeley have teamed to develop a capability assessment tool that is an extension of UC Berkeley's Berkeley Innovation Index (BII).  The BII uses artificial intelligence to measure and gauge individual innovation capability.  Research commenced in 2005 and since its development the BII has been used by more than 9,000 individuals around the world from companies like Samsung, CISCO, VMware, Google, Network Appliance, and other forward looking organisations. 

The praXec & Berkeley Capability Assessment Tool (PBCAT) is built upon the BII but extends the dimensions to accommodate organisations, functions and team capabilities including projects and was recently deployed successfully to support a significant UK Government Department. We use this tool to gather input from those involved and run the results against the Berkeley AI engine and smart algorithms to determine, as an example, where an organisation is today, where it needs to be to meet current challenges and where it needs to be to meet future objectives set by you. The results are reported against two axis Operational Focus (the appropriateness of processes to optimise performance) and Innovation Culture (the ability to create and implement new ideas).

Unlike other solutions the PBCAT can produce results in as little as 14 days.  This keeps the effort focused, light on your peoples time and the short timeline contains overall cost but without loss of
value. The end result is that the business unit and HR department get in effect an X-Ray view of the situation and "punch list" of items that if addressed will close the gaps and ensure overall capability is tuned to the relevant need.

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